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What is Kombucha?
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Announcing The Great Kombuchaism Twist-Off Cap Contest! Did you know we have over 60 Kombuchaisms under our current caps? Have you ever opened a bottle and thought about something you'd like to see under that beauty of a cap? Here is your chance! How to enter: 1) Open a bottle of LIVE and let the wisdom brew 2) Create your saying or sayings (remember they have to fit under the bottle cap so nothing too long) 3) Email your best of the best Kombuchaisms to INFO@LIVESodaKombucha.com wiry the subject line: Kombuchaism Contest Entry Details: Entries must be submitted via email with the stated subject line by 10/31 11:59 CST - winners will be announced by 11/7. Good luck! #livesoda #kombucha #kombuchaisms #thegreatkombuchasismtwistoffcapcontest #capcontest #contest

Cheers! #Repost from @benhulet with @repostapp --- October 21st: 82° in Dallas. Go home Texas....you're drunk. @livesoda, keepin' us cool till fall comes.

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